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James Tailoring is the most respected tailor in Winchester, UK. They have been making suits since the 1870's, They want to be the perfect blend between tradition and technology, and during their 140's years of working on the craft of bespoke tailoring, they have been creating a very special relationship with his clients. We collaborated on the launch of his first e-commerce site (multi-lingual and on Woocommerce) which emphasizes craftsmanship and quality.

Web development
Webhosting architecture
James Tailoring
2016 - Q1 2017


The task was to completely redesign the website and transform it into one that will interest a younger male population – proud of his success with a passion for tradition and quality who worship friendship above everything and of course likes to dress well. The project itself was a story of opposites. Be innovative to appeal to the younger audience, but don’t lose the authenticity of the brand that its older fans know and love. Be true to the spirit of craftsmanship, but accentuate the significance it puts on innovating.

Knowing the brand to the last drop

We researched usability principles, information architecture, design and content of all benchmark sites as well as a number of selected sites from other fashion brands. Knowing all the ins and outs of the website’s topic was essential. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to learn about tailoring from people that love their profession. The research phase took quite a bit of time, but it helped us connect the brand with the goals we wanted to achieve.


The main challenge of this project was gathering and organizing information about James Tailoring career story from different sources like social media, educations, workshops and ofcrouse their own archives, and finding a way of conveying it to visitors by combining the creative usage of technology, photos, videos and user interaction. At the same time, we had to think about the user experience, which had to be seamless on all devices.

A Flexible Design System

We created a flexible template to highlight each suits individual personality from fabric, color, and fit to custom photography, style tips, and related accessories.

Redefining a modern fashion lover's experience

We incorporated all our passion into this phase to get the best possible outcome. We held brainstorming sessions that we divided into three sections:

a) (What to tell) Content — Revisiting gathered materials and structuring them into connected sections with the goal of creating one fluid story

b) (How to tell) Creative concept — Developing ideas and defining how to visualise the whole story and present certain sections while maintaining the genuine look and feel of the brand.

c) (How to execute it) Creative technology & UX — Figuring out technologies we can use to complement particular sections of the website in a way that will emphasize the content we’re presenting and take the entire story to the next level. We focused on user interaction, video and motion to enhance user experience. Instead of taking a linear path, all teams worked simultaneously and came together to test out how it all works. With the final art direction, all of the parts seamlessly fit together and functioned in unison. The iteration process of motion interaction design between UX, video and frontend department was quite extensive and challenging, but ultimately rewarding.


User feedback was the most valuable insight and recognition for all the work we had done on the brand James Tailoring. It was a definite confirmation that our decision to change the aspects of website production process was an excellent one.

The number of visitors increased by 80% compared to the previous year (old website) duration of website sessions increased by 140% during the first summer of the launch.

"I feel personally that Remon de Vries took the branding of our business to a whole new level. Breathing new life into the brand. This was not something I expected to happen but am very happy with the result. I recommend anybody to take a moment to talk with him because it changed my business forever for the better."

Fernando Bolter