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Acrobatique is still rapidly growing and already the leading online AcroDance platform in the world. Over the years the platform itself has been growing so fast that it was hard to keep up UX consistency. Thats why they asked to take a look at their current branding and website and do a compleet overhaul if necessary. They felt it was time to take it to the next level!

Binary Cocoa
2015 till today


After spending 4 weeks researching what the client's needs and future plans where it became clear that we should look for an open-source platform that gives them the ability to write and maintain pages and news. But also give them the ability to promote and sell products at the same time.


After looking at Google Analytics it turned out that a large number of visitors only came to the website for 3 things; news, becoming a member or finding out information. So we decided to make this a "one-click" option for people by showing those pages clearly below the "hero image". We also wanted to focus on getting more people to sign up for the newsletter. So this got a special place on the homepage to make it more easy for visitors.


The website is built on the WordPress platform. This is ideal for people who want to easily keep their site up to date but also build features on to it like a webshop or online calendar function. The theme is fully built on the "Foundation" platform by Zurb. And is maintained and always runs the latest version of WordPress.


The goal was to completely redesign website from the front-end and back-end perspective in order to:

- Translate real-life experience towards users
- Have a clean and consistent aesthetic
- Easy buying/signing up for courses
- Seamless CMS for easy content editing

All of this, if achieved, should create a better experience for users and increase visits, page views and time on site.


From the front-end perspective, translating the real-life experiences of visiting AcroDance course into the website, while keeping in mind users' needs, was of the utmost importance. By choosing a layout that perfectly blends rich visuals together with functional descriptions we wanted to bring users closer to their desired course while retaining their online attention. Despite having a large amount of visual content on the web itself, providing users with a streamlined experience and keeping the site's performance high across all devices was the top priority.

Backend challenge was to use a CMS to handle client request for everything to be editable, possibility to add new languages and translate content easily.

Another, really demanding challenge was for the website to run fast. Since there is a lot of CSS and JavaScript code and high-quality images we could not allow for database queries and page generation to be longer than 100ms since it would drive away user from browsing the website.

Solution - Backend

Everything starts with picking the right tools for the job!

Was it all worth it?

De client is very happy with the results, but decide for yourself....
- 27% increase in number of pageviews
- Site generation speed around 50ms for homepage
- 28% increase in number of website users
- 80ms for product pages
- 35% increase in number of sessions
- 60ms for course pages

"Working with Remon is always a pleasure, he understands quickly not only from a technical point of view. But also from a business point of view. This makes it for me the ideal partner for my online presents."

Melissa Klassen

Owner Acroabtique