Connect to Trellis database with Sequel Pro

Trellis is a product of and its a great tool for professional WordPress development. Together with Bedrock, you have a solid development platform that is secure and easy to deploy and maintain.

Today I was struggling to connect with my Trellis database, it took me quite a while to find out what the correct credentials. So below I will show you how to setup up the correct information.

Sequal Pro

Connecting screen

1. You select SSH as your connection option

2. You fill out your localhost IP (

3. You fill in the domain you picked. So in my case its so that makes my username remondevries_dev

4. Password: You look up the password in /trellis/groups_vars/development/vault.yml. You can find it on the first line after "vault_mysql_root_password:".

5. SSH host: You fill in the domain that you picked in my case this is

6. SSH User: This user is always "vagrant" because Trellis is using a vagrant box to run.

7. SSH Key: This key can be found if you click on the "key icon" and look up the "private_key" file in the following directory: /trellis/.vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/

8. And then we are done! Click connect!

Try not to forgot to look in the top left corner for the drop-down menu to actually select the database you want to view. Else the screen will stay white.

Written by Remon de Vries
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