Simple simplicity does not exists

Above you see founder Apple Steve Jobs sitting in his living room. As you can see there isn’t a lot of clutter. In fact there is barely anything at all. The photograph was taken by Diana Walker this was Steve’s home at the time. Steve Jobs was known as a minimalist and simplicity was a huge part of his life. What does it mean to be asking always the question “what is the essence of what I try to do”?

Apple’s iOS7 is a great indicator and reminder that simplicity is hard. If you’re confused by that statement, then next time your working on something try to ask yourself what the essence of your task is. Why are things the way they are and do the need to be like this? These questions are very difficult to answer and when you think that you came up with a answer its very likely that you can dig even deeper and find new answers. When does something become to little and when is it too much. Between these two parameters you can find perfect simplicity.

When I first saw iOS7 I thought “amateur” design. I could care less about flat or skeuomorphic, neon or dull, rounded versus squared off. Those are aesthetic choices for the most part. Label it as you wish. Apple’s decision to reduced the extra noise surrounding iOS. Noise that at one point helped the non-technical user better understand a new type of interface. Is officially history now.

When you remove the clutter you’re standing face to face with what makes great design great. And we’ve come to only expect the best when its from Apple. While I’m surprised to see Apple ship something that was not fully finished, hopefully many of these issues will be addressed as iOS7 matures.

Written by Remon de Vries
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