What can you expect as a client?

Every now and then I get the question what to expect when you work with me. I think its important to shed some light and walk you through my processes from initial contact to final sign off.

My process is dynamic in many areas and fixed in others. It bends and stretches to meet individual needs. Projects and clients are all unique, so why shouldn’t a process be? For us, allowing flexibility creates better outputs in collaboration, creativity, and execution. Below I’ll do my best to thoroughly describe the two.

Getting Introduced…

I start by fully understanding your project and business. I make for each potential client a short “Introduction Worksheet”. This allows me to determine if your unique goals, plan, and budget align with my capabilities and skills. Once I finished up this document, I like to hop on a short call to confirm my assumptions that I made. Not only does the call help with further explanation, but talking to a real human gives you more information then you might think.

On Budgets and Time

At that end of our first contact, I might request more information or additional talks with other people, demos, and/or product walk-throughs so I can provide you with a rough quote and time estimates. No sense wasting everyone’s time if these two don’t align.

Agreements and Milestones.

If works out well it’s time to draft up our Agreement and Milestone Checklist. This is where the plan gets more specific. I always try to keep the agreements thorough and an enjoyable read for our costumers (business jargon is simplified and explained where needed). I also supply all of my clients with an initial Milestone Checklist setting expectations as to when to expect what. This insures the project deliverables move according to timelines (and budgets). Not only does the Milestone Checklist contains what I do, but also what is required from the costumer and when. Deadlines missed? Then we both know exactly when, where and how this happened.

The Milestone’s are always open to discussion and can be aligned with important dates for the costumer, however I never say “yes” to a deadline that we can’t 200% ensure.

Time to kick-off!

My “Kick-off Call / Meeting” is the start of the project. It’s a time celebrate the start of something new with the costumer. This is one of the elastic parts of our processes. Work should be fun I always try to do something special to celebrate. Cupcakes, branded pencils, or a present! Anything that will fill the air with a little extra excitement to get things starting. Everyone happy? Excellent! Let‘s start working…

The How to

Once I defined the problems and solutions, it’s time I get to work. Again, another elastic part of our process. There’s no exact science to “how I work” or “where I start”. Where I start varies from project to project. How I work can be defined as taking the costumers and their users knowledge of the business and applying this of the web (and mobile), design, and the strategy at large. I like to work fast so concepts and ideas develop quickly. It might not be perfect but it enough to get the picture and understand the direction it’s headed. This way we don’t get hung up on the small details and you get to be apart of the process through early feedback and communication. I design, prototype, wireframe. Whichever fits the project. I gather all of the feedback. I reiterate, and revisit the drawing board. Maybe again. And again. Sometimes I prefer to focus on smaller systems of a site (say, the navigation) and nail down approval that’ll dictate the other visual elements of the site. What about a news site, you say? Maybe we’ll focus first on type-family and present a few various options that’ll work best for reability and compliment the brand. It needs to be responsive? Let’s discuss a grid that’ll work best. As you can see, it all various. But I always keep you in the loop and advise you on to best approach for your unique problems.

Ready? Set. Launch!

Once I receive approval and sign-off, I like to do an extensive round of bug testing and fill in any necessary links / images / that might have held off until the end. Once we’re good to go on that front we’ll start moving the site over to your main server and its time to celebrate!

I always continue to monitor and support your site into the coming days / weeks after launch. Every now and then vistors or maybe the costumer finds something needs to be fixed.

Hopefully the above gives you more insight into the process, but I understand that you might have questions. I’ll be happy to explain the above further if necessary.

Oh, ready to work with me already? Head on over to our the contact page. I look forward to be working on your project with you.

Written by Remon de Vries
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