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Having run my business for more then 10 years I’ve learned a hell of a lot of things, changed many of my opinions, stumbled often and learning along the way some important tricks to improve my design process.

Get it right – the first time!

Clients often ask me if I can update them daily, or other timeframes that suits their craving. I learned to stop doing this. For good reason, I promise.

Designing is a process – a process that often adapts and transforms along the way. During this process, I’m sure I’m not the only designer that hates how it looks in the early stages. If I’m not proud or feel the decisions I made are the right solutions, why show the client? I can guarantee if you aren’t happy the client won’t be either.

It makes them nervous. A nervousness that leads to unnecessary changes early on this halts the entire process. Great discoveries are often made through refined decisions. If clients are stopping them before they take shape, they take the steam out of the process and the designer. Not to mention the other effects nervous client syndrome results in (ticky-tack changes; endless phone calls; mockups over your mockup using MS Paint – you know what I’m saying). Setting the tone and exceptions early on is important to long term success.

I’d be a liar if I would say that I get it 100% right every time, every day, but you’d be amazed how a client respects your decision making and opinion if the first showing is something you can stand behind, support and feel confident presenting your concept. As designers we have this unique ability to see beyond the process and into the final results. Clients often need to see to believe.

Written by Remon de Vries
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